UPVC Windows in Southwark
Improve Home Security With New Windows and External Doors

Potential burglars tend to go for the easiest mark possible. This is why old windows and doors can pose a risk to your home or business. Older locks may be worn and prove easier to break, while single-glazed units fail to offer the same strength as modern double glazing. To reduce the chance of a break-in, consider buying UPVC windows or external doors. You can also protect your heritage home in Southwark with bespoke, vertical sash windows that deliver both style and the security you need.

Discover why window replacements will make your property a more secure place to be and ultimately pay off in the long run.

Resolve Issues as Quickly as Possible

High winds can blow debris against your casements, a pigeon may slam into your sash windows, or a football may come flying through the air. While there’s little you can do to prevent an accident, resolving problems as soon as they occur can help to mitigate risk. Should an impact happen, carefully inspect the glass as well as the condition of the frames. Remember, thieves will often look for weaknesses in timber, aluminium and UPVC windows that they can exploit for easier access.

If the trouble occurs at night, we advise boarding up the windows if possible. This provides a physical barrier before you can call a team for new double glazing or window replacements in the morning.

Be Sure to Test Your Locks

Your home or workplace in Southwark is only as secure as the locks on the external doors. Some locks will prove easier to pick than others, so it’s worth calling a team that prioritises security. Modern entry doors should comply with British Standards BS3621, and you must remember to lock them each time you go to bed. In addition, lock your aluminium or UPVC windows each time you leave the home vacant. This is because most burglaries actually happen in the afternoon instead of in the dead of night.

Buying sash windows for a heritage build shouldn’t mean reduced security level. As such, it’s fair to expect a high-quality locking system that protects the home, no matter its history.

Clear Away the Overgrowth

Property owners in Southwark and more suburban areas tend to think hiding the windows behind foliage will discourage intruders. Out of sight, out of mind may work in some cases, but not for potential thieves. In reality, they often prefer dense areas of shrubbery where they can tamper with UPVC windows away from prying eyes.

When purchasing window replacements, double glazing or external doors, keep an eye out for overgrown trees or hedges that may serve as hiding places. You may enjoy the extra privacy, but they also present a greater risk to your home than you might expect.

Modernise Your Windows and Doors

Even the most durable windows will eventually need replacing. Instead of putting these off due to the perceived cost or disruption, call in the expert fitters as soon as you can. Not only will new UPVC windows, double glazing and external doors boost security for the better, but they also help retain heat to save you money all year round.

Here at Brockley Glass Ltd, we provide a fully tailored approach towards window replacements and hardwood doors in the Southwark area.

From timeless sash windows to double-glazed replacement units and laminated glass, we cater to a variety of needs and always put the customer first. Simply get in touch to find out what we can do to boost the security of your home.

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