Double Glazing in Lewisham
Could Your Home Benefit From Window Replacements?

Replacing your windows is a great way to live in greater comfort, especially when the seasons change. That said, homeowners don’t always know what to look form resulting in colder conditions overall. Improve your home’s energy efficiency and increase the flow of natural light with aluminium or uPVC windows, heritage sash windows, double glazing or bespoke external doors. At Brockley Glass Ltd, we offer all of these products to our customers in Lewisham and the surrounding areas, ensuring window replacements and more meet a high standard.

So how can you tell when it’s time to invest in new windows? Follow the guide below and contact our team on 0208 6910976 or pop in and visit us at our fully stocked workshop. We will be delighted to show you examples of our products.


Signs You Need New Windows

Your Windows Are Hard to Open and Close

Windows should be simple to use and, for safety reasons, they should allow easy escape in case of a fire. Common issues include:

In every case, window replacements with double glazing will provide a reliable and highly cost-effective fix.

You Frequently Feel Uncomfortable

A house in Lewisham that runs cold in the winter may need new aluminium or UPVC windows. This can be down to several reasons, such as:

It’s also worth noting that old casement and sash windows tend to be less efficient than the newer, A-rated models. For this reason, buying new windows and external doors can save you a great deal of money on your annual heating bills.


You Can’t Focus on Your Work

Working from the comfort of your Lewisham home is only a blessing when you have the right environment to do so. If you get easily distracted by the neighbours or lorries driving by, then it can impact the quality of your work and affect your career as a whole. Optimise your working day with window replacements, complete with double glazing. This will reduce the amount of noise pollution so you can stay productive in a quieter office space.

You Notice Physical Damage

Although accidental damage is common, the frames and locking mechanisms can also become worn out. UPVC windows last for around 25 years and are hugely cost-effective, so it’s worth replacing your old windows instead of going with frequent repairs. Other signs of damage include:

Look out for chips, cracks, holes and water leaks that can present during heavy rainfall, as these problems can signal growing issues with your Lewisham home.

Misted Double Glazing

Damaged double-glazed units can fail, allowing condensation or a type of mist to form within the panes. A misted or ‘blown’ window will no longer feature the argon gas that retains the heat indoors, so it’ll need to be resealed or maybe even replaced. At Brockley Glass Ltd, we provide full window replacements and external doors, but can also fit double-glazed units for your convenience. This cuts down on the cost of new aluminium, timber sash windows or UPVC windows.

Dial 0208 6910976 for window replacements complete with double glazing in the Lewisham area. We provide modern UPVC windows, bespoke sash windows and more.

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