Double Glazing
in Southwark, Lewisham and South London

Most homes and businesses in the UK now enjoy some form of double glazing, and with so many benefits, it’s clear to see why. Suitable for houses, schools and nearly all other developments, double-glazed units are a common sight across the country. They’re strong, reliable and great for thermal regulation, making for a more comfortable environment. If your property in Lewisham, Southwark or the South London area continues to lose heat, contact Brockley Glass Ltd. We provide supply and installation, and offer a supply-only service across the UK.

Whether you choose UPVC sash windows or aluminium casements, our team can deliver a bespoke product to your exact measurements. We can also double glaze your external doors for better protection from the cold.

Offering window replacements, Brockley Glass can replace failed double-glazed units, saving on the cost of a whole new installation. We always check the measurements and specifications to ensure you receive the correct order, and even provide double glazing with sealed holes for customer-supplied cat flaps.


Double Glazing | A Range of Benefits for a More Comfortable Lifestyle

Did you know that double-glazed windows can save you money in the long run? It cuts down on the amount of heat lost through the windows, so you can keep the property warm without forcing your heating system into overdrive.

Key benefits include:

A Warmer Environment

Single glazing will naturally allow more heat to escape in the winter. To combat this, it’s worth investing in double-glazed windows for your home or commercial premises. Made up of two glass panes filled with a gas such as argon, a double-glazed unit forms a reliable barrier for a more efficient space throughout the year.

A More Tranquil Space

Are you bothered by the sounds of neighbouring gardens or a nearby road? Add double glazing to make your rooms quieter and more welcoming as a result. This lets you read with fewer distractions or create the ideal place to work from home.

Increased Resale Value

You might not be planning to move from your house in Southwark, Lewisham or South London anytime soon, but it’s good to be prepared. Investing in double glazing will make your property more enticing, helping you maximise its value. Remember that many buyers look at ways to go eco-friendly and will spend out for the long-term benefits.

Less Fade and Condensation

While a small amount of condensation is nothing to worry about, too much too often can lead to mould growth. In turn, you may experience breathing problems and other health concerns. Additionally, single glazing allows more UV rays to enter, which can fade your pictures, ornaments, sofas, curtains and carpets. Double-glazed units feature trickle vents and also cut down on the UV rays that come through the window.


Greater Security

Thieves prefer easy entry and typically avoid challenging targets. With an extra panel as standard, double glazing provides one more layer between your property and the outside world. In turn, this extra glazing works to discourage burglars. We also offer laminated glass as an alternative, for the last word in glazing security.

Please give us a call or visit our workshop in Brockley to arrange a quotation. We can take double-glazed unit orders by phone and via email, and provide secondary glazing for period and listed homes.

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